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Welcome to! So this is my first blog and I am super excited to get my website rolling. The main reason I even did this website was all because I started working out one day and never stopped! When i first started I did so much research on what program to do and what gave you the fastest results. But come on now u have to be honest with yourself too. You are not going to wake up one day 30lbs lighter LOL! So I thought to myself wow if I could just search on youtube to watch someone transform … THAT WOULD BE REALLY COOL. Then I thought well wait a second… why can’t that person be me? And not only do I want to show people on youtube my transformation daily… I want to show them my whole transformation from the beginning and be able to help them in any way I can if they are struggling with their weight like I was. So thats what this is all about. I am starting Turbo Fire on Monday 11/01/10 and will be posting daily updates about my progress. I am also here for anyone who wants to join in on working out with me! I am here for support and guidance and open for the same support and guidance to help me out as well. Hey it is so easy to get off the working out wagon. But you always have to jump back on it in order to get results!

Now if you want me to coach you one on one let me know. I’ll be glad too! Suggest the perfect workout for you… be here when you think you just want to give up! Anyways enough of me blabbing … I CAN NOT WAIT TO START TURBO FIRE! and show the world my results as they happen!!!

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