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Now I have written down most of my progress from starting out until now. I have all the pounds documented but when it comes to inches i don’t have those anymore. Well I think I have the ones from Insanity … but the others I don’t have anymore. But hey I can give you what I have just to show you how fast I got results and if I gained or lost for the most part.

Now i deff know when I started I was at 177lbs. Measurements… FAT. That sums it up LOL!

When Slim in 6 was all said and done I lost a total of 15lbs and 17 inches. I was over all happy. Actually I remember being very happy and felt like I finally finished something! I would always give up but this time I finished!

Next I ordered Hip Hop abs and did that for about a week. That program was really not for me. I was looking more for a high intensity cardio workout. It was fun… but for me at this point I know it wouldn’t give me the results I wanted.

Then I went to Power 90. Wow that was a funny one! Anyone who has ever done Power 90 knows what I am talking about. But once again it was more targeted for beginners.

So I GOT EXTREME LOL and ordered ChaLean Extreme! This program was SO long! 90 days! But I did it, sure I didn’t follow it 100% but I finished it and I got the results I was looking for 🙂 In the beginning of ChaLean I lost 7lbs the first month! But then it slowed down…  I was in the PUSH PHASE of ChaLean Extreme I had only lost 9 more oz! But I was dropping inches! In the Push Circuit alone I lost 3 inches. Right before the LEAN PHASE I had a total weight loss of 26lbs and 25 inches!

With INSANITY I charted like a maniac b/c I knew this was going to be crazy… and it was…

Heres my starting and ending measurements from Insanity:

Hips: 37.5 inches to 35 inches!

Waist: 31 inches to 30 inches!

Right Thigh: 21.5 inches to 20 inches!

Left Thigh: 21.5 inches to 20 inches!

Right Arm:12.5 inches to 11.5 inches/12 inches when flexed

Left Arm: 12 inches to 11.5 inches/12 inches when flexed

Chest: 33.5 inches to 33 inches

Body Fat Percentage: 15% to 8%

Now I always took my weight in the morning before I ate anything… here is how it went …

6/9/2010 I was 153.7lbs

6/10/2010 I was 151.5lbs

6/13/2010 I was 150.8lbs

6/15/2010 I was 149lbs

6/22/2010 I was 147.7lbs

6/26/2010 I was 147.5lbs

6/29/2010 I wad 147.2lbs

7/6/2010 I was 147lbs

7/7/2010 I was 145.9lbs

7/10/2010 I was 145.5lbs

7/14/2010 I was 144.6lbs

7/19/2010 I was 143.5lbs

7/23/2010 I wass 142.9lbs

8/6/2010 I was 141.5lbs

I was then done with Insanity! And living my results so I was like well let me mix Insanity and P90X …

8/11/2010 I was 140.9lbs

9/8/2010 I was 140.7lbs

I then got burnt out… I just did NOT want to workout anymore. So I decided to take a break even tho I was in the middle of doing Insanity/P90X but I just needed it. Thing is even tho I was on a break I still was losing weight! I am still on that break (but starting Turbo Fire on Monday) and have been shedding the pounds!

10/8/2010 I REACHED MY GOAL THAT I WAS GOING FOR THE WHOLE TIME! I WAS IN THE 130’S! 139.3lbs to be exact!

10/12/2010 138.4lbs

10/18/2010 137.3lbs WOOO HOOO !!! I LOST 40LBS SO FAR!!!

Present weight 135.6lbs … just wait until I start Turbo Fire!

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