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What is Slim Down with Sara’s Last 10lbs Project & WHO is it for?

This project was more of a personal goal for me since packing on a few extra unwanted lbs over the past year. Last summer at this time I was on a roll and feeling AMAZING! But I suppose I got a little too comfortable and started having more cheat days then I should be. Summer 2016 arrived and ice cream seemed like a good idea until it started happening just about every night! Making the right choices when it came to food seemed to be getting difficult again AND working out was kinda being pushed to the back burner when the kids started summer break. I WANTED TO SLEEP IN! THEN comes my clothing situation… the shorts I was comfortably wearing last year were becoming more like booty shorts and skin tight! So this was a red flag for me! I was there! I hit my goal and now reversing the results. And instead of continuing down this unwanted path I refocused and got back on track. I started really watching what I was eating again and went back to ONLY 1 cheat meal per day instead of the WHOLE cheat day that was turning into a cheat weekend! I switched up my workout to a fat burning crazy intense workout and now feeling like I have a handle on things again. I said to everyone that when I lose the first 5 lbs I would then open up and HELP those wanting to get back on track too. And I am down 7lbs since starting this project! In my first 3 weeks!  So here is my invitation to those who want to lose their first 5 lbs… last 10lbs like me… their last 50lbs! OR first 20 lbs! Whatever amount of weight you have to lose this challenge is for YOU! Because this is all about getting on track and staying there with the support of a HUGE accountability group all looking to reach the ultimate goal of being healthy and feeling great in their own skin. Whatever that is for u! It will be different for each person but my goal for you is to help you achieve YOUR personal with the path I have chosen as far as fitness/nutrition/supplements.

What will Slim Down with Sara be doing different for this “Challenge”?

I will be sharing my meals. EVERY MEAL! How it is made and just more in detail “stuff” when it comes to food and my personal nutrition instead of just a pic I post on my fanpage. I will be sharing what I cut out, what I add in, do I booze? Do i snack? If so when and why am I choosing those snack options? Pretty much I will answer all the Q’s I get about food every day in this group. ALSO hopefully the challengers in the group that have been with me since having Hattie will share as well the same info to help! The more ideas the better right!
I will also do weekly little fun challenges. Fun things to keep us active more then just when we workout! Also showcasing a challenger weekly! Let someone who is going “ham” so to speak and getting results shine! I want to encourage this HUGE group to get results every day whether it be you saying no to second helpings during dinner OR you pushed that extra minute during your Turbofire or Hammer/Chisel workout!

WHAT are the requirements to get into this Challenge?

Since I have now done this song and dance several times now I know that what I do works. As well as hundreds of thousands of other beachbody-ers lol! When you workout, eat healthy, and drink Shakeology as well as other supplements that will aid ur body to get to ur goal YOU REACH YOUR GOAL! Its as simple as that. So do what I do and get results like me. Easy right? But not everyone is the same and I understand that … and that is why I have so many options on the requirements… Here are the 3 requirements.
  1. I MUST BE YOUR FREE BEACHBODY COACH. Want me to be your free coach? Please go here to sign up.
  2. ANY BEACHBODY Workout is permitted in this challenge!  As long as the program was at some time purchased from me as your coach. 
OK now lets go more into detail b/c now I am gonna get tons of Q’s. So I am going to lay it all out right here so PLEASE READ FULL POST!
Like I said ANY beachbody program gets you in as long as it was purchased from me as your coach. BEACHBODY on Demand INCLUDED! So ANY workout! P90X! Slim in 6! Hammer/Chisel! 21 Day Fix!
(however I would prefer you to be on the same program I am b/c that is what makes it fun! Want to do the same program I am doing? I am & will continue to be doing INSANITY MAX:30. I know this program gives me the results so I am sticking with it! Want to do Max:30 too? GO HERE.)
IF you are looking for a new program PM me and we can discuss your goals and get this ball rolling. I want this challenge to GET YOU TO YOUR GOAL AND STAY THERE! And before I get the “Well that is not fair you were not my coach and now you are” complaints I do this b/c I am not trying to “steal” customers from other coaches. I don’t want challengers “challenge hopping” from someone elses challenge to mine and then hopping out and into another for whatever reason. I want ONLY committed people. Like I will say tons of times I want this group to be motivating and hold e/o accountable. RESULTS is what we all will be seeking! And extreme ones!
NOW ONTO SUPPLEMENTS! Why I am requiring them in this challenge…
It is perfectly fine to have an amazing workout routine, but if your diet and supplement routines fail, your results will be compromised. Often, supplements are the difference between good results, and great results.
SHAKEOLOGY: This is the main supplement I recommend and here is why. It’s a NO BRAINER! It can help you lose weight especially if you replace a meal with Shakeology every day like I do now. Prior I was using it as a snack since I was breastfeeding but now that I am just about done I use it as my b-fast. It reduces junk food cravings! You can make it taste nearly identical to your fav milk shake from Dairy Queen or make COOKIES! YES COOKIES! But like I said I drink it in the morning to enjoy this benefit throughout the day. It increases your energy and feel healthier… it will improve your digestion and regularity. Putting it plain and simple… GOOD BYE BLOATED BELLY AND HELLO AM POOPS! Don’t even act like you don’t love a good poop! So again it…
  • Tastes like a sweet treat
  • Proteins help you feel fuller longer
  • Reduces junk food cravings
  • New energy makes workouts seem easier
Use it as a snack like I used to or a full meal replacement. There are so many flavors now too! Mine is cafe latte because I am a coffee crazy person! Or if you often feel like u have a sensitivity to new “diets” go with a vegan flavor like chocolate vegan.
You can get samples here. But if your ready NOW ORDER HERE and FYI choosing HD/Auto Shipments will get u the $2 discounted shipping verses $10+ shipping depending on located. I am here trying to help in any way I can & saving money is one of them. You can also cancel the auto ship at anytime no questions asked. HOWEVER is Shakeology is something that you are allergic to or you simply just can not swing it for whatever reason I get it. I am on several supplements and here are the ones I would HIGHLY recommend …
THE PERFORMANCE LINE FROM BEACHBODY. I am personally on Hydrate, Energize, and Creatine. If you are unsure about which supplement would be right for you please feel free to contact me and we can go over your options. IF you are ready to grab up some performance line goodies then GO HERE.
The Last 10 pounds project will be opening up by Friday the 22nd of July. It will be a private FB group I personally run. The only people that have access to it are people I confirm in so please do not feel worried when I ask you to post pictures. THESE POSTS/PICS ARE NOT PUBLIC. They are only visible to the challengers. Once I can confirm the requirements from you I will add you into the challenge group. No need to do anything in the group. I will post in the group when and what is going on as the challenge gets closer to starting.

The LAST 10LBS PROJECT STARTS MONDAY AUGUST 8TH 2016 … however I am unsure of when this challenge will end. I might run it for quite some time due the the range of days/months each program has and would want everyone to complete in full at least 1 full round of the program they have selected. 

Also ANYONE who has joined ANY of my challenges in the past 2 months has a ticket into my LAST 10LB PROJECT  already. So please just let me know if this circumstance pertains to you and I will get you in ASAP. I have also already spoke with a few people about this challenge and you have already been confirmed. You know who you are but please PM me so I can get you in the challenge group ASAP when I open it up.
Prizes WILL BE AWARDED! This is something I am super excited about! Some will be given away at random and some will be given away during mini challenges. I have a lot of Beachbody swag and just fun little gifts I am super excited to reward to my challengers. Be sure to see pic below of some of the goodies to be given away…
(please click image to view larger image)

FullSizeRender (3)

I think that just about covers it. I am SO excited to open up this challenge and start!
And please bare with me since I do get such huge responses for my challenges it may take me 24-48 hrs to respond however once we start chatting you for sure have a spot in my group! Once you have fulfilled the requirements then please PM me via Facebook on my Sara Hassell page if we are FB friends OR on my fanpage Slim Down with Sara. Again super excited to get this ball rolling with u all!
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