I’m Sara and this is my Fitness Journey so far…

I’m going to try and make this short and sweet so you know that this did not just happen over night. I have exciting news & feel the need to share it with the world. In the past 3 years I have lost 55 lbs and learned how to maintain and keep it off! No I did not get lipo. I did not get paid to lose it. AND I did not do it b/c other people thought I was fat. I did it because my whole life I struggled with my weight always thinking I was fat when I really never was.

Ok I am lying, after I had my kids I WAS FAT! It wasn’t from my 1st pregnancy… it was mostly my 2nd. A few days before I had my second son I was pushing the scale at about 230-240lbs! Once I had my 2nd son I was just plain FAT. Watching tv one day I came across the infomercial of P90X. I was like wow once I am done recovering I can do that. It looks like a miracle in a box! Not so much. I did it for about a month and I guess I expected a little to much out of it in 1 month. I wasn’t losing any weight so I gave up very fast. I was so big I just wanted to see results NOW! But I didn’t give up totally, I started walking/running daily. Once the holidays rolled around somehow I guess I just got hungry. I ate a lot and got lazy. I knew what I was doing to myself b/c I got down to about 163lbs just from walking/running for 30-45 min 6 days a week and then I ruined it! New years was right around the corner and I was thinking maybe P90X was not the right one to start out with. I was kind of out of shape and did not want to jump into anything to hard. I also wanted to lose weight ASAP! I found a program called Slim in 6. Could this be true? Lose weight in 6 weeks? I had to try it. New years eve 2009 my hubby and I were getting ready to go out and I said oh let me depress myself and step on the scale. Well I did just that, depressed myself. It said 177lbs! Thank goodness I ordered Slim in 6 and it was on it’s way! Guess what? It worked! And thats what kick started it all. I changed MY WHOLE LIFE. I was serious and worked out and ate healthy and didn’t care what anyone had to say about it. I fit it into my schedule no matter what! And now here I am telling you the journey of my body transformation and creating a whole new healthy life style for myself.  I am still moving forward and still pressing play!

I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and want to be here to do the same things for you. I can guide you through your journey, suggest the right program for you to start with, let you know that you DO NOT have to starve your self to lose weight, and so many other awesome things I have learned through out reaching my fitness goal. My services are FREE!

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