This page was created on 3/16/2013. And I add this b/c if you are viewing my webpage I am hoping you have read my weight-loss story and how long it has taken me to reach my ultimate goal. I have been at this for just about 4 years now and sure I have had major success when it comes to dropping weight. I mean heck I started at 177lbs! And over the passed 4 years I have been on track … and fell off the wagon many many times. Its a hard battle and often times you want to just give up and eat! So I did just that. I felt that I would never see my 120’s again and so I figured why not “settle” for a higher weight and just be happy with that? So pretty much in my head I did give up! I was tired of battling the scale and there were so many times where I made my hubby hide it so I could stop obsessing at how much weight I AM NOT losing anymore and how I am hitting a plateau b/c my body just got so used to working out.

I also did cardio like a maniac. Its what I knew would get me the results so I stuck with it. But this passed summer, of 2012 I realized I needed to mix everything up and get on track a new way! After doing every cardio and a few strength training programs under the sun from beachbody I was like what am I doing wrong? Why can I not budge from my 140’s?! Its like my body loved it at that weight, but I DIDNT!

So I decided to mix it up 100%! I went on shakeology and started les mills pump. I lost 15lbs !!! Now I admit I did pump for a short time and then started to run and then mixed up every beachbody program i had and just created total body confusion. I also was on a few other supplements to aid my ultimate results and you can check out the whole story HERE in a vlog I made.

But guess what, I fell off the wagon again! I went off shakeology and stopped working out consistently in Nov/Dec 2012 , my weight did not creep up really that bad b/c I still was on the Meal Replacement shake from beachbody so I was doing my best. But due to santa coming to town every penny counted that month!

Once every one was happy and jolly and we were back on track financially I grabbed up more Shakeology the second I could and started a new workout called Combat Jan/2013. I was on track and I was so focused.

Now before I start telling u my ENTIRE LIFE STORY LOL… Let me try to wrap it up and say what I am trying to say. In the end it doesn’t matter what workout you are doing as long as you are working out!So pick workout programs you love! And that will keep you interest.

Another key fact is if you are working out but fueling your body with crap all the time there is NO POINT IN WORKING OUT! You will not EVER  see results that way, I am living proof!  It’s a waste of time you mine as well just not workout and eat and wait until you are focused enough to do it right.

And the last thing I want to say is after yo yo-ing on and off of shakeology I always noticed being ON shakeology was when I noticed results. Its b/c it fuels your body with everything and anything your body needs! I have been on Shakeology since 1/2013 100% and guess what. After 4 years I reached my goal of 125lbs! I not only reached it but I kicked it out of the way and now holding steady at 124lbs. I am getting great muscle tone and really not trying to lose anymore weight however want to keep fueling my body with the right stuff while I do my combat/pump hybrid.

I am now pretty much maintaining, and I am healthy. I feel great and am in the best shape of my life. Shakeology is amazing and now I see why I should have got on it asap in combo with working out. IT’S BECAUSE IT MATTERS!

why am i telling you all this now?



I know you are tired of the muffin top, the mommy belly, the one problem area 99% of woman have. THEIR GUT! And I was tired of it too! Shakeology is the one and only product I have found that has aided me in losing the belly fat for good in combo with my workouts! B/c the “dieting and portion control and eating clean and working out alone” didn’t cut it. And after 3 years of doing those things I learned my lesson and tried something I was skeptical about but IT WORKED!


If you want finally get rid of the bulge around your mid section along with my help, support, motivation, and direction I know we can get you there together! Go on … make me your free beachbody coach 🙂


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