wrapping up week 6 with a little Fire 55 … I am getting ready to take a small break so I can relax and EAT for the holidays. I guess I will be jumping off the workout wagon until the new year … but as long as I hop back on that is all that […]

not good news but so many woman ask me about this, hope my answer helps!

My update of TurboFire Week 6, not to much has changed but I want to keep everyone updated on what I look like and if I lost any weight… which I didn’t 🙁

ok week 5… week 5! I guess I got off track. Not in the workout department but in the eating department. It was thanksgiving week gosh darnet and I wanted to indulge! So that is just what I did. I did not gain any weight what so ever however I did not lose any either. […]

Is it weird I look forward to working out?

So far I have lost 5lbs! I am so happy and I haven’t even really been eating that well …opps! Yeah for 5lbs down!