(PLEASE CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE) Before: 240+LBS! After: 134lbs and going strong!

Day 3 of Turbo Fire and I LOST WEIGHT ALREADY! I no it isnt water weight trust me. I have been there and done that. I am thinking that b/c I did Insanity Pure Cardio yesterday on my day off it prob had something to do with it LOL!

Now I have written down most of my progress from starting out until now. I have all the pounds documented but when it comes to inches i don’t have those anymore. Well I think I have the ones from Insanity … but the others I don’t have anymore. But hey I can give you what […]

Salads! Salads Salads Salads LOL! I got so sick of salads I to this day won’t eat a salad! But it was what I needed to do. I had the worst diet, junk food… fast food … just trash! When I started Slim in 6 for breakfast I would have special K just about every […]

Welcome to SlimDownWithSara.com! So this is my first blog and I am super excited to get my website rolling. The main reason I even did this website was all because I started working out one day and never stopped! When i first started I did so much research on what program to do and what […]

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